Sony handycam keeps ejecting tape

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If this happens, we recommend that you use the viewfinder. Adjust the viewfinder lens to your eyesight so that the indicators in the viewfinder come into sharp focus. Move it further for a faster zoom. Using the Zoom function sparingly results in better-looking recordings. For example, you can satisfactorily record the environment of nocturnal animals for observation when you use this function.

This may cause your camcorder to malfunction. Carry out the following operations in the standby or recording mode. You can control playback using the Remote Commander supplied with your camcorder. The indicators appear on the LCD screen.

Press it again to make them disappear. Note on the data code function If an index signal is marked on the tape, the RC time code is written, or PCM after recording is made on the tape, the data code could be deleted. To view a still picture playback pause Press P during playback. To resume playback, press P or.

Sony camcorder Error in reading Cassette C 31 22

For details, refer to the operating instructions of the AV cordless IR receiver. Recording does not start yet. Refer to the operating instructions of your TV. When fading out the picture gradually changes from colour to black-and-white. Also, you cannot use the fader function while using the following functions. The picture effect indicator appears. The sound is recorded normally. The digital effect indicator appears. This is because your camcorder is set to focus only on subjects in the middle to far distance.

When you turn your camcorder on, it will automatically be in the automatic exposure mode.


This mode works to record subjects so that they are recorded slightly brighter than they actually are. You can also select the language, colour, size and position of titles. Each title can have up to 20 characters. The previously recorded frames between these start and end points will be erased. You can do this using the Remote Commander.

Mechanical problem

The recommended distance between the subject and camcorder is about 1. You can do this with the Remote Commander. Using the Remote Commander, mark an index signal during recording or playback and search for it later. Turn down the volume of your camcorder while editing. Use the Remote Commander for this operation.

Bedienungsanleitung Sony Handycam Vision CCD-TRV77E

To write the RC time code from the end of the RC time code recorded section In step 2, rewind the tape to the scene to which the RC time code has been written, and carry out steps 3 and 4. Press TIME to display the time indicator. When you use a Hi8 video cassette, recording and playback are carried out in the Hi8 system.

The quality of the recorded picture in the LP mode, however, will not be as good as the SP mode. Otherwise, you will need to reset the date, time and other items in the MENU settings hold in memory by the lithium battery.


If you run into any problem using your camcorder, use the following table to troubleshoot the problem. If the problem persists, disconnect the power source and contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility. A vertical band appears when you shoot a very bright subject. Some tiny white spots appear in the viewfinder or on the LCD scr een. EUR 13,02 Versand.

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